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We are business psychologists. We specialise in applying psychology to the workplace through our understanding of how people’s behaviours and motivations affect their performance and well-being. Our four main areas of specialism are:



We can help you recruit the right people for your company in the following ways: 

Assessment Design: Competency profiling, application form and CV screening, 
      interview & assessment centre design and psychometric testing design &
   -  Training for interviewers and assessors 
   -  Facilitation of assessment centres
   -  Provision of experienced assessors and interviewers for assessment events


We can help you develop, train and coach employees within your organisation in the following ways:


   - Developing your workforce: High-potential selection , leadership development
     programmes and personal development programme
   - One -to-one developmental coaching 
   - Design of 360° feedback programmes

Employee Well-being
We can help you improve employee well-being in your workplace in the following ways: 

- Identifying the causes of stress in your workplace
   - Stress management workshops 
   - One-to-one stress management coaching

 Employee Restructuring 
We can help you manage workforce changes following restructures, mergers, acquisitions or redundancies in the following ways:

- Assessment of employees following restructure
Support and counselling to those affected by change



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