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Client Need
Aon recruits between 70 and 80 graduates a year to their five UK graduate programmes. Following inconsistent approaches being used across all five schemes in previous years, Aon were looking for a consistent, fresh, simple and more valid process for selecting graduates. They were also looking to reduce the long term operating costs of graduate recruitment, especially given that applications were likely to increase due to Aon's new sponsorship deal with a major football club!


Our Approach

From the very start, we worked with Aon to ensure we designed and delivered tailormade solutions that fully met their needs. We utilised the information we gathered from our brainstorming sessions with HR and key business leaders to deliver the following:

-       A concise and simple Aon UK assessment framework

-     A more rigorous and challenging 1st stage selection process (re-design of their application form)

-     A change to their 2nd stage to their selection process (from face-to-face interviews to five fully tailored situational judgement tests) saving Aon over 200,000 in time-cost fees.

-     A complete re-design of their assessment centre exercises, with bespoke exercises designed for each scheme that could be easily tweaked in future years to enhance their longevity.

-     Final interview design, focussing on motivation, attitudes and knowledg



A highly valid and cost-effective selection procedure which has received outstanding feedback from Aon and graduates. 

Client Testimonial 
"From start to finish, I was exceptionally pleased with the work that Jacqui and her team did for us. They designed and delivered exactly what we needed, and saved us a lot of money at the same time. Jacqui was always flexible and approachable nothing was too much trouble. The new process is working fantastically and the feedback I have had from my colleagues has been brilliant. Thank you very much Loganberry Limited!
Julie Hyett, Aon Graduate Programme Manager


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