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Situational judgement tests measure a candidate’s judgement when dealing with real life scenarios that they would face in the role. Questions can be fully tailored to focus on their judgement in various situations, knowledge and ethics. We design bespoke tests to meet the aims of your recruitment process.


-     Our tests are highly valid and reliable – all of the tests are rigorously tested to ensure they select the best candidates through to the next stage of your selection process

-      They are a highly cost-effective solution for your initial stages of screening candidates. A one-off fee charged for the design of your test, which then allows an unlimited number of candidates to complete the test at no additional cost.

-      They can be completely tailored to each job role

-      Tests can be easily completed online, with easy log in details provided to each candidate

-      Individual and group results can be accessed instantaneously

-      They provide candidates with a realistic work preview of what the job will entail 


------------------------------------------EXAMPLE QUESTION--------------------------------------------


You have spent the last few nights working late in the office completing a client report. You submit the final version to Paul, your manager, for him to review. The next day Paul asks for a five minute chat to give you some feedback on the report. He said that whilst it was clear that you put a lot of time into the report, there were quite a few errors made and the presentation of the report was not up to scratch. You thank him for the feedback and go back to work.  However, after reflecting on the feedback, you feel very disappointed about Paul's comments.


What would you do in this situation?  

For each of the following, please rate how desirable or undesirable you think each option is. Provide a response for each option. You can provide the same response more than once. 


1. You ask a colleague to comment on whether they think the feedback you received from Paul was fair

2. You re-read the report that you produced

3. You spend 30 minutes emailing Paul, expressing your disappointment regarding the feedback you received



Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about our tests.  We would be happy to send you a sample test.


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